Alien Game: Episode 1

Published 2022-09-21

Use the arrow keys to move the alien. Use X to open your inventory, X together with Z to select items and Z to use the selected item.

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Go on a journey that involves collecting items, talking to cats, shooting slime and bringing honey to a mysterious client. Find your way through the labyrinth and don`t get impaled by the spikes!

Somehow, Ale, the alien, finds himself in New Sock City, where weird things are going on. Immediately, he senses the presence of his arch nemesis Ginger, the ninja! After getting orders of a strange person on the phone, Ale decides to take action and does what he does best - and just drifts along...

I had the idea for this game when I was still in high school, but I never found the time to actually make it. In June 2022, I bought an Anbernic retrogame console and whilst setting it up, I found out about PICO-8. On my days off, I spent a lot of time playing PICO-8 games and reading about this console. After about a week, I decided to make my own game and in my summer holidays I was programming in the evenings as well as creating the sounds and sprites for this game. I had a lot of help with the design from my partner Lea and she composed most of the music, for it is not something I'm good at. In total it took us about 8 weeks to finish this game.

I'm really happy that it was possible for me to realize this project and make Ale a real game character. I am very excited to add more titles to this franchise in the future and I hope to one day release a more sophisticated version beyond what is possible with the PICO-8 engine. I did in fact start to work on a Unity version of Alien Game back in 2020, but had to pause the development due to a lack of time.

Development, Design, Graphics and Soundeffects:
Morris Roman Glowacki
aka Kultura

Music, some graphics, level designs and sounds:
Lea Nagelschmied

Based on tutorials by:
Dylan Bennett

Part of the code taken from:

Special thanks to the PICO-8 community!