Moomoo's Maple Mishap

Published 2021-08-23

A short platformer game starring Moomoo the cow!

Roll to gain speed, wall jump, stomp enemies, dodge bullets and confront the giant cow who stole your maple syrup!


  • Use arrow keys or WASD to move.
  • Press Z or Space to jump (you can use Up and W as well).
  • Press Shift to roll.
  • While airborne, moving towards a wall will begin a wall slide, which can be followed by a wall jump by pressing jump.
  • While rolling, press jump to gain momentum or hold the opposite direction to come to a stop.


This game was developed almost solely by me using Godot 3.3 for my Year 12 media production. However a bunch of people did help me acquire the skills needed to make this game possible:

  • ThisGreenDingo - player feedback and excellent music composition advice
  • Game Endeavor - his Godot tutorials about platformer physics and state machines were invaluable for getting the gameplay to function
  • The Frogatto Discord, in particular JetrelDDR and Azure, for developing advice and support
  • Various instruments in the game's soundtrack were sampled from Pingus and Tux Racer, whose OSTs are courtesy of Joseph ("ZhayTee") Toscano, as well as the song Mortimer's Chipdisko, courtesy of Lukas Nystrand.