Egg In the Cosmos

Published 2021-07-19



Left and Right to move

S to Jump/Fly

A to make music

Enter/Space either to Skip the intro, Accept stuff, or retry/play again

Esc to go back and pause the game

This was made for the Newgrounds July Jam with the theme of: Egg

I thought of an idea where you need to make sure that the end doesn't became rotten (In this case, a rotten brat)

This was my first ever Game Jam I have participated and I had fun with the people in the discord server. I met many talented people

This submission isn't the best, but I am just glad I was able to participate in something

Update 1:

Nerfed a lot of the Goo and Goo dispensers

Added visual aid for the Goo

Update 2:

I don't know if the mobile support will work well, just tell me if it works or not in the comments

Update 3:

Probably the last update, it was fun game jamming

*The turrets stop firing if they exit the screen

*Added color to the progress bars

*Added A Bit More SFX to the game

*Menu buttons are now Flat

*Removed the Foreground Green Islands

Btw I really wanted to add some SFX to the jetpack and when the egg is angry but the sounds keep on repeating very fast that it's unintelligible