Minecraft 1.20 Should Be "The Inventory Update"

Published 2022-08-05
Minecraft 1.20 The Inventory Update Playlist ► /playlist?list=PL7VmhWGNRxKixIX8tWEQn-BnYKE9AaAXk
Minecraft 1.20 wont be the Inventory Update but the game needs this change. This video is an attempt to persuade and convince all of you that something needs to be done.

Mods featured in this video

A big thanks to HenkelMax, Dnator & Th3Pooka for help with the video's production.

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00:00 The Inventory Needs An Update
04:47 Simple Ideas
08:11 Moderate Ideas
12:14 Advanced Ideas
17:26 Expansion Ideas
20:00 Closing Argument

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All Comments (21)
  • xisumavoid
    I spent the last three months working on this video. I'd like to continue working with others to create more scripted content like this. If you want to help support me in that ambition, please consider becoming a Patreon! You'll also get access to our minecraft server. Cheers 🙂
  • EthosLab
    If I could only pick one option, it would be the Siphon and Refill enchantments. They seem like they could save a lot of time. I like how it encourages more player agency and rewards the player for coming up with clever configurations, such as your ore example.
  • TJ436
    Terraria has a feature called “quick stack to nearby chests” which will transport all items outside of your hot bar into chests with the same respective item. This could make putting items back into chests far more convenient and quick.
  • OblivionFall
    The "Siphon" enchantment is incredible. This alone would make the game 10x better for me.
  • Psycho DOG
    It should be the “inventory and innovation” update. Along with inventory stuff, there should be more red stone and items to fiddle with, to make new things that haven’t been done in vanilla before.
  • Spikeyplant01
    I think an toggleable ability to 'quick stack' would be great. Like you press a button on your inventory and a scan will be done to nearby chests. All stackable items in your inventory which are also in a nearby chest will immediately exit your inventory and go into the chest. This could also work with just the one specific item.
  • Okay, that idea with a "primary slot" was perfect. Maybe just a "tool" slot instead. And you could keep the main four tools in that slot to cycle between. Would save literally a third of your hotbar space.
  • cubfan135
    Lots of interesting ideas here. I agree that some would fit well, others not so much but the core message is definitely one I agree with. The inventory has not kept pace with the modern game and needs to be addressed. Thanks for showing some interesting possibilities Xisuma!
  • I personally am heavily against the Simple Idea #2, unless there is an on/off option for it. Sometimes it is quite useful to see the blocks in your hand count down to know exacty how many one has placed. You can put exactly 38 blocks in your hand and then start stacking up knowing that the resulting tower will be exactly 38 blocks tall without having to count actively.
  • Lucas Ramos
    I think it should be called "Journey update". Add really useful tools and really cool features in the world, and also, an inventory update.
  • hysterical GD
    what about a “lock inventory” keybind, that way when terraforming and building, a ton of dirt blocks won’t get mixed in with your building blocks in your inventory
  • Excellent ideas! I'd love to see the swappable inventory bars and the enchanted shulkers! I'd also like to suggest that we could change the inventory to a different system entirely, one that has a finite capacity (2304 items in a normal inventory) but not a limit on the amount of slots, this way you don't have a limit on the diversity of items you can carry while carrying the same amount of items
  • Septem 150
    I literally cannot imagine playing minecraft without inventory sorting.
  • BenTheJMen
    They should make an inventory update with bundles in 1.20. They could also add archeology and call it "Time and Space".
    if only your whole inventory could be sorted with the press of a button or even chest being sorted 😀
  • SumTingFishy
    For the automatically replenishing feature, I think it should replenish the stack after you use up one stack, that way it’s easier to keep track of how many blocks you have used.
  • Blu
    The simplest option would to be to just add a "deeper pockets" enchantment on legs.

    Deeper Pockets I would give 9 extra slots and Deeper Pockets II would give 18 and so on.
  • Burnt Pizza
    I used to play on a private SMP with friends and after getting stacked, the items that I used on a regular basis left only around 5 spare slots. With shulker boxes, it freed up space, but I had to remember which box had what and had to stop every time I needed something which got very tedious quick
  • My gosh Xisuma, these are such great ideas. I dont completely like a few of them, but if a few of these were fully embraced and implemented, Minecraft life would be made SO much easier. In fact, in the last few months/weeks youve been gradually impressing me more and more, this decides it. You get a subscribe.
  • channel name
    before you only had one type of stone, 2 types of logs, etc but now whenever you go mining you have like 20 different blocks taking up all your inventory space