Published 2022-08-04

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  • Piepew
    I’m so happy that this finally happened. Watching you three, years ago was the best part of my day! Thank you for everything you’ve done, Skeppy.
  • Infinity Plus 1
    “They’re not noodles, they’re lines of…food”
    -skeppy 2022
  • TirelessWorm16
    I know people are excited to see you guys “back together”. But I would just be happy if the trio stated that they are friends again. I don’t need to see them in a video together for “proof”. But nonetheless thank you for the video.
  • FROSTrated
    I missed this sooo much! The first VERY positive shock I got was the news about the upcoming MCC and NOW THE TRIO IS BACK!!! Skeppy, you guys are LEGENDS!!
  • kriiler
    aww im really happy that you three feel comfortable making videos together for us again. this was really nostalgic and reminded me of in late 2019 when i first found your channel, and i would just watch you guys troll each other. thank you skeppy :D
  • ninjaJJ
    every time skeppy uploads makes me smile so much and now that i see a6d with them i am the most happiest person i could be
  • Erin :D
    I’m so incredibly happy to see that the trio is back together!!!
  • Quality
    Let's be honest, we needed this reunion.
  • Oh my god, the trio essentially raised me, seeing that they're back together has literally made my week
  • Nixzria
    this was probably the most unexpected thing to come out of skeppys channel BUT IM SO HAPPY THE TRIO IS BACK! its so nostalgic!
  • FreqZY
    I'm so glad for the turn of events, Skeppy. It's been a tough time these days, but whenever you upload it makes me forget about my problems, atleast for just 10 minutes.
  • Vunqz
    I’m so happy the trip is back, I know you’ve all been busy, but together nothing can pass this trio
  • It’s amazing that you guys are back as a Trio again. It brings me back to the times were y’all troll badboyhalo for the laughs. Seeing this just makes my day and makes me so happy ^^
  • Sweet Pineapplee
    The title I waited so long to see…. You three always made me laugh over the years! Glad to have you all back together! :D
  • EpikoAlex
    I’m so glad this happened. Seeing the trio back just brings back many memories. Thank you!
  • Dianio
    im so glad you're finally back together! this trio is my fav
  • Cuddle Cakes
    I like this new version of Skeppy. He's evolved and changed - just like all of us do - but for the better. I'm glad the Trio is back and glad Skeppy is posting videos. He's still my favorite YouTuber even after about 2 years of watching
  • Suvi
    I have watched skeppy for years and i never thought this day would come, im so happy to see you three together in a video again. The title and video made me do excited and happy, Tysm Skeppy and of course A6d and Bbh for making my day better and bringing the muffin trio back!
  • Noob
    The Trio is finally back after so many years, I think the Old Skeppy is finally returning.
  • finn_bee_
    ive been waiting for this return for what, like 2 years now? I'm so incredibly happy to see my wishes come true and see the first (modern) mcyt group I watched come back!! with that being said, could The Weirdest Talkshow come back as well? I've missed it for so long because it was amazing!!