Pokémon Presents | 08.03.2022

Published 2022-08-03
Tune in at 6AM PT on August 3rd, 2022 for a Pokémon Presents video presentation with updates on Pokémon apps and video games, including Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet!

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  • Astral Prince
    I think the free-choice gym makes sense because, in the pokemon world, there are trainers who start their journey from towns or cities more advanced than the first village of the main character. Imagine if every npc started from Pallet Town, that wouldn't make much sense right?
  • TimeBucks
    The new Terastal gimmick looks awesome
  • SandyClub
    These presents are really what all people need and love!!! Thank you so much!!!
  • Olivia Smith
    This game seems to have a lot going for it, three storylines sounds like great idea (at least on paper) as it would give both fans that want a more traditional pokemon game and those who want something fresh.
  • Blaze Libra
    Some cool improvements here, though I still think the gem forms are a little silly. Would love to just get mega evolution back, those were awesome
  • My man TOBY FOX did the unimaginable yet again I can't believe he made the music for the raid battle LET'S GOOO! 17:20
  • Glimpse
    I love how mewtwo hates humans. But apparently once in a while is like “can I have a double cheeseburger”.
  • shokuwarrior
    1997 : Legendary Pokemon are elusive to find, and even more difficult to catch. Usually only obtainable after finishing the main game. Non-stop rumours about dubious methods for how to obtain them (underneath trucks etc)
  • blobOTAKU
    I feel like the hill to climb after Arceus is huge, I really liked the independence aspect of the game, the catching mechanics that didn't require you to battle, and no forced encounter in tall grass, which allowed you to see the wild Pokémon. These new games seem to have kept some of these, so I'm eager to find out how it will pan out.
  • Lewis
    Scarlet and Violet looks surprisingly beautiful but if there’s one small thing I think the game could benefit from, it’s voice acting. I don’t think Pokémon would struggle to find some good voice actors as they’ve already done it with the anime for over 20 years so why not take that final step and make this Pokémon game the most memorable?
  • Twitchystomp
    I like how they still kept a form of raid battles in the game, I've been wondering if they would drop the mechanic altogether. I'm really looking forward to seeing how they function without having to wait until your turn to do anything.
  • 1087 Tv
    I really like the concept, but I think it would be way more fun if you can ride/fly your own Pokémon in the game not just your legend.
  • PokéPwr Pony
    Onix better be in Scarlet/Violet……the dream of having a Crystal Onix must come true.
  • N Holloway
    Really looking forward to these games definitely getting Violet. The designs of the Pokémon and NPCs are so good and the gimmick looks cool as well. Only thing I don’t like about the gimmick is the hats each Pokémon have on their head when they change to certain types but I’m sure it’ll grow on me.
  • Olivia Smith
    I’m just happy that Gogoat is finally in another game. Such an under appreciated Pokémon.
  • Spice Panda
    “We’ve kept all the things you love about Pokémon” except mega evolution lol. That aside, I hope this turns out well. This game is unlike the many that came before it so I hope those changes pay off. If nothing else, I saw Mareep in the grass and that’s something I’m excited for
  • Scoose McGoose
    I love that they went with a school as a major setting for this! Makes me so nostalgic. There was that school building in Sun and Moon, and it got expanded upon in the anime. But the last time Pokémon had something to this scale was in Shadows of Almia, which I liked a lot. I hope they have an increased focus on some RPG elements in this, especially since there's multiplayer. It would definitely be a new direction for the mainline games.

    A school can be a pretty good (and easy) way to give some structure to any story or quest. Plus exploring any campus is always fun, like it was in Persona or Fire Emblem.
  • Cyyberslam8
    Being able to choose which order you do the gyms enables so much more freedom. I can actually choose any of the starters without getting demolished in the first gym lol
  • Hokk728
    Fun fact: Wooper becoming a poison/ground type means it's the first Poison/Ground type since the Nido lines and that also leaves the Gastly line as the only remaining Gen 1 Pokemon with an exclusive type combination
  • the oceancraft
    I love this pokemon direct and I'm super hyped for all of the upcoming pokemon content and for the scarlet and violet game's and with the three stories in game it means I'm going built a team for each story just like i did in sword and shield where I used my main team for the story and I used a different team in the Isle of armor and a different team for the grown tundra so my scarlet and violet teams are going to play a big role in my journey to become a pokemon master and to catch them all