If I Catch a Gen 2 Pokémon, I Buy It.

Published 2022-08-05
the reason Pokémon is out of stock, is SOLELY because of me...
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In This Video, i randomized Pokemon Crystal, and gave myself only 50 pokeballs. Whichever pokemon I caught, i HAD to buy. I CANNOT RUN FROM POKEMON, which made this video.... Kinda expensive. I cannot wait to fill out my entire background with EVERY generation of Pokemon.

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  • Purplecliffe
    These videos get a LITTTTLE expensive, since some of the plushes are super sold out, but Pokémon was happy to help us out! Make sure to check out Pokemon Unite on Mobile or Nintendo Switch for FREE! I will be playing Boss Rush mode with my friends all weekend! Click here to learn more about Pokémon UNITE ➡ bit.ly/Purplecliffe
  • SnowyTaiga
    Jack has come so far, now the ACTUAL Pokémon company sponsored him! Love your content man! :_cliffeLove:
  • Andy Mandolese
    I’m excited to see Gen 3 now. This a nice little series Jack.
  • Pokémon Pawmi
    I noticed that Jack can catch legendary Pokémon in one or two pokeballs and yet struggles to catch normal Pokémon
  • Phantom Ninja
    I see you finally got recognized by the Pokémon Company. Congratulations
  • harry prytherch
    I'm excited to see Jack do this for all of the Pokemon generations, his shelves are gonna be stacked with Pokemon. Amazing Video :)
  • So happy that the second part came out finally love the first gen this one was hilarious and I think the evolving of wooper was justified when you threw the master ball away.
  • Diamond
    I cannot wait for pooper to be on my team.
  • Zappi Boi
    I like how he can just buy a quagsire and celebi plush whenever he wants but instead wants to wait until he does a challenge like this
  • Radge
    Jack you're a legend. You're popping off man! Well deserved! Calling it right now, this'll be on trending.
  • Mooshie
    This whole video is just such a big W. Great job Cliffe! You deserve it!
  • Seph.
    Glad to see The Pokémon Company supporting a small content creator
  • Cattensu Plays
    This seems like so much fun. If I had money to throw away... Well, I probably still wouldn't do this. But it would be tempting.
    Fun video. It made me smile.
  • Lanturn
    “I’m not allowed to run away from a Pokémon.”
    Encounters the same Pokémon.
    Time to make an exception.
  • Why are middle stage starters always the hardest to catch? In PLA I can catch 30 samurott in 32 pokeballs, and can't even catch one grotle in 30 ultraballs. Looks like it's been the case ever since gen 2. Don't feel bad for wasting all those balls on the Croconaw Purplecliffe, it's just how it is.
  • Gavin Mayo
    5:34 Jack that was a .78 chance of catching. Your so lucky lmao
  • TheTimTone
    Love this!!! Can't wait for the rest of the generations! Such a fun and cute video idea
  • Jezrael Ernas
    Also, congratulations on getting Pokemon Unite as your sponsor, Jack 🤩
  • goodsoup7
    I love this series! Have a great day Jack!