Published 2022-08-04
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All Comments (21)
  • Joana
    You know Ryland had entered his “mom era” when he’s buying flowers and plants and has a baby on the way and a new puppy… I’m so ready for the mom vlogs!!
  • A puppy is NOTHING like a child. I kind of evil laugh because Ryland is going to get the biggest awakening. So excited for them but you never stop being a parent.
  • I have never felt more like part of a family than I do here. Watching Shane when I was younger, then everyone meeting Ryland, we were there when they got Honey, when they got engaged, when they moved house each time and more. Now we’ve watched them get Riley and now their first child is soon to come. Small things like everyone’s birthdays just feel special and seeing their families gives a even more homey feeling. They have raised so many of us making sure we feel loved and happy over the years and I have no doubt on this Earth they will be the best parents. I want to thank them for everything, they deserve the world.
  • AlloShan
    Ryland will be hit with a reality check when he has a child lol
  • Sonya Sisneros
    Ryan’s mom wanting to put the plants back and re do that part was everything 😃🫶🏽
  • Jade
    You should make the crate a happy place to be and not make it feel like a punishment. Put her favourite toy in there and feed her but leave the crate open. Start with the food closest to the door and gradually move it further into the crate until she’s inside and eating. Eventually she will learn it’s her safe space and go in when she wants alone time or to feel safe.
  • Ashley Blocher
    The best advice I received as a new parent was to never go to bed angry with each other. Having a baby is stressful. Always make times for yourself and for each other. Don’t lose yourself like I did. I always put myself last and you can’t do that all the time. Lastly, cherish each moment because it goes soooo fast. Before you know it your baby will graduating high school lol. Love you guys.
  • Tessie Girl
    Is it just me or has Shane been glowing as of late?!? (LOVE YOU SO FREAKING MUCH SHANE) I also think that Ryland has entered "ultra mom era"
  • Myrin Brooks
    The putting puppy to sleep story literally is so accurate to what putting babies to sleep feels like after the first 6 months or so you're gonna be great parents lmao
  • rjkbuny
    Lol, Ryland has the energy to deal with it, but boy does he always underestimate the amount of work horses, alpacas, and human babies are😂
  • idk man
    they've been through so much and i'm so glad they are living their best lives 🥺
  • First off I'd like to thank you both for recognizing the maker of Shane's Starbucks cup & not just saying Etsy! Although it wasn't myself than crafted that, as a small business owner I know how important that was to her.
    Second I can not wait to see your journey as parents! I have a 2 year old & she is the best thing that has ever happened in my life. You guys are going to make AWESOME parents!
  • Autumn Monique
    I love y’all’s little family so much❤️ can’t wait to see y’all journey !!
  • Madison Berry
    I’m so so happy for you guys! I really hope you guys decide to share the whole journey, and what it all entails. It would be great informative content but also something so sweet to reflect on later in life.

    ALSO so off topic, but when I got my puppy I asked a lot of questions to my vet friend and when crate training, if you give Riley a treat when she enters and/or give her toys to play with in the crate (supervised) and not shutting the door in a hurry, closing it slowly or just a little bit at a time— it makes it her safe space, instead of her feeling like it’s a punishment or dreadful being in there! My dog goes to his crate all of the time, without me even saying anything now. I hope that helps! ❤️
  • Soup Or Man
    Found Ryland’s videos after falling down the conspiracy rabbit hole of all Shane’s videos. Entertaining way to relax after work and laugh. Kudos all around for YouTube’s best couple.
  • M Rose
    You’re mom is so considerate and thoughtful when you’re filming, so sweet!
  • Seperate Way
    I’m so happy for them, like genuinely glad to see them happy. They’re been through a lot and they deserve this
  • Tarra Martin
    Ryland and Shane are so cute...Shane opening his birthday gifts and falling to the ground so CRHWS..Ryland putting Riley to sleep to cute and baby the flowers so gorgeous.. So excited for you both bring on baby to make this family complete..😘💜💜💜
  • Lacy Jennings
    Congratulations y'all! That baby is so loved already. I've been in the parenting game for 20 years now and my best advice to you is this....
    1. It's okay to put the baby down in a safe spot and walk away to gather your bearings.
    2. As long as your child is alive at the end of the day, you're doing a good job. Give yourself credit.
    3. Make date nights mandatory. It's so easy to get wrapped up in Parenthood, don't forget to keep dating each other. It'll make your relationship stronger.
    4. Trust your instincts Every kid is different. What works for one won't work for another..
    5. It's 100% okay to abandon the shopping cart in the aisle when the kid has a meltdown.

    Y'all are gonna be fine. Enjoy the journey. It is the hardest yet most rewarding thing I've ever done in my life. I wouldn't trade being a mom for anything. They are my greatest blessing. ♥️
  • Soul Journey
    Loving all Shane’s clothes! He’s such a stylish person and he doesn’t even know it!