NoCap - Nothing's Changing (Directed by TheBackEndChild)

Published 2022-08-04

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  • NoCap go in soo hard on this, straight up BANGER! He aint like all them trappers and oppas who just be usin dat AUTHENTIC VIEWS dawwwt cawwwwm jawwwwn to get they hits up to go HAM... SMH seem like anyone can go HAM these days...
  • luciqn0
    “you wasted my time had to redesign my schedule, knew that i could find better but i settled” omm i felt that 🫠
  • Cresce
    NoCap is one of them artists that touch you on a deeper level. Been rocking with him for a long while now. Ima be on top like him one day.. This month I dropped four music videos, all self produced beats. To anyone that takes the time out of their day to check me out and show love, I will forever appreciate it 🙏❤️
  • lil Mikey
    Perfect time to drop when im going through everything rn 💯
  • tytylerty826
    Mans word play is too brilliant, very clever and witty especially for a young buck like himself! Melodies are just as smart and catchy! NoCap WILL be around for a long time!
  • Shamary Banegas
    He’s just different with it. He can express his feelings without forcing it
  • Lan Xebec ⚔️
    Keep doing your thing g! Been rocking with you since 2019!!!
  • Tyler Yugen
    Ever since I heard this song last night it’s literally the only thing I’ve listened to.

    Been here since neighborhood hero, love to see this man blowing up. Dude is a genius and has got all of us in our feelings 😂. Big love!
  • Girbaud Tx
    Another banger, still bumping Mr.Crawford 💪
  • NoCap is inspiring a ton of new artists like myself with his music. I hope someday I can get as big as he has but I don’t mind just being a fan until then either! Great song as always bro! Keep em coming!! 🔥
  • Trequan Scott
    You’re a healing soul to everyone NoCap and we love you🖤
  • Gerson Marcia
    In my 39 years I’ve lived through generations of greats, I understand the culture and sympathize with all my heart with all the ghettos in this world. My respect and honest love for Kobe Vidal Crawford aka NoCap grew from the jump, he stabilizes and bonds like glue to the beats. YB signed a living legend in so many ways, this young gentleman brings tears to my eyes as I think about my life. Thank you once again for this classic joint of ghetto nostalgia, god bless you little brother.
  • Darvin Charles
    Whoever’s reading this, I pray that whatever your going through gets better and whatever your struggling with or worrying bout is going to be fine and that everyone has a fantastic day! Amen
  • Sophia Miller
    The music... the man... the melodies... pure CRAZY talent 🔥🔥🔥
    Different level to other artists out there 💯
    "Dont tell em i'm dope... tell i'm cocaine" 🤙
  • Liam_arl
    Nocap never disappoints his punchlines the hardest fr💯🔥
  • Mari Xo
    Why this man so underrated 😢he don’t get the recognition he should be getting! Make them see you Nocap , we going #1🫶🏾
  • is0kenny
    NoCap is one of the best lyricists out right now