I took Ninja's Masterclass and it ruined my life

Published 2022-07-31
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intro - 00:00
the class - 03:15
my journey - 18:51
24 hour stream - 24:56
i'm in the box - 36:27

streamers showed (and people I like to watch)

all music from epidemic sound, except for:
Stage Kids - "Welcome to the Jungle" https://youtu.be/y0PwEwI4sVk
Old School Runescape OST - "Adventure" https://youtu.be/Z2Oci7962pI
Voyage - "Enter" https://youtu.be/1o95Xo7oG64
Death Note OST - Death Note Theme Song (Instrumental) https://youtu.be/RoC8_SRLDEU
Mass Effect Trilogy - Galaxy Map Theme https://youtu.be/6RO7K4W-c9g
bauerklos - "oh okay" https://youtu.be/5Ge5r_082p4

here's the only place online I could find that comedy bang bang clip of mike hanford:

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All Comments (21)
  • YoinkyYoinker
    As if my day couldn't get any worse, I have to sit through 40 minutes of THIS.
  • rsarin18
    You can't blame Ninja for your failings when you forgot to get a fridge for your fans to look at
  • Daniel Mendoza
    as a guy with 4 followers on twitch seeing such a huge creator go through the same struggles is really helpful. thanks for putting this out drew u a good man
  • anon03030605
    Ninja as a human is so bizarre because he's like a preteen's idea of a Twitch streamer but as a real person who is living a fanfiction concept of reality. "I wanted to expand my platform so I went on Ellen" is such an insane thing to say in a masterclass, either he is purposely omitting the actual work you need to do for wtv reason, or he has 20 different managers handling every part of his career for him.
  • 725Ken
    I can't believe that no one is commenting about how funny his oatmeal and yogurt clips were. Had me unable to breathe from laughing so hard.
  • The Minimac
    Not only is your content wildly enjoyable but you’re the only person who’s commercials I don’t skip over or ignore because they’re actually entertaining. You’re a hell of a human 👊 Thank you ever so much for all that you do 🙏
  • Trevnado
    As a streamer, it felt so cathartic and oddly comforting to see someone as entertaining and popular as you bomb in terms of viewership even more so than I and other small streamers that struggle, as if to say “it’s not your fault” Thank you drew for drawing attention to how hard things like this are
  • RJai500
    Shout out to Samantha for being Drew’s most loyal Twitch follower. Sure, she was his only Twitch follower, but the point still stands
  • Misa Tange
    Honestly I'm kinda glad that a YouTuber finally put a proper + realistic "twitch stream experiment" as a video. you are NOT dumping $200 to a high-traffic streamer for a chance of getting seen lmao
  • katherine
    the feeling of "i could've and should've just gotten a wig" after first dyeing your hair is so real thank you drewseph
  • Marco Skyiland
    this was entertaining as shit, as an ex streamer that tried to stream for 1 viewer for weeks i could relate but still laugh and ye, the 40mn flew by, you sir are talented as hell.
  • laskin riubn
    Imagine Amanda coming back from a trip, excited to tell her husband what she did and she finds a blue haired and sleep deprived Drew trying to become a successful strea
  • Sophie
    I'm disappointed that this is the ninja who's masterclass you took. You could be an actual ninja rn if you spent your money better
  • ArCynic
    This is the first time in a minute that I actually burst out laughing reading a YouTube title. Drew still has old internet energy.
  • Syndate
    Respect the troops and all, but I think Amanda should probably not leave Drew alone for longer periods of time.
  • Julia Giles
    drew gooden went from “generic straight white man” to “lesbian printmaking/creative writing double major” with a single dye job.
  • Kelly Kirchner
    Also, side note: in Free Guy, Ninja played himself for a solid second and a half. Other big streamers were in it too, like Pokimane. He didn't actually play a role lol.
  • Diego Bouche
    The fact Drew dyed his hair just for the joke is what makes him a legend
  • Lisa Paramonova
    Big shoutout to Samantha who seems to have single handedly preserved drew's sanity
  • Aidan Harley
    The mini fridge scene was so well done. My brain fully registered Suited Drew as a completely different person from Tee-shirt Drew, rather than him in a suit and him in a shirt.