KSI - Not Over Yet (feat. Tom Grennan) [Official Music Video]

Published 2022-08-05
It's not over yet....

Directed by Troy Roscoe (www.instagram.com/troyroscoe)

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All Comments (21)
  • AfroNinja
    JJ is a mentality beast. One of a kind. Whatever he does, he truly cannot lose. Nothing but love for you, JJ. NOTHING BUT LOVE ❤️
  • We can all agree that jj's transformation this year is absolutely incredible. When he puts his mind to something he will not stop until he gets it, nothing but respect, you are an inspiration
  • Api Music
    Taking the fact that how catchy the track is, we can admire how actually good the lyrics and the music video is. Amazing direction and of course brilliant lyrics. Can't believe that this is a song of a creator who was established from YouTube. Forever proud of JJ!
  • Świetna piosenka 🎶✨💥🤩 , mocno wpada w ucho 😍🥰. Uwielbiam tą piosenkę 🧡🧡🧡🧡. Pozdrawiam z Polski
  • Lipok Yanger
    I love you JJ. Used to be a hater, a critique, but I love the trajectory you've been on. Nothing but respect brother.
  • Shreyank Pal
    I love how beautifully it is portrayed...about him getting better THAN HIMSELF
    Brilliant efforts and outstanding results, proud of you JJ!
  • Moad Elakkary
    This music video concept is absolutely insane this is probably one of the best music videos I’ve ever seen only thing I’d say is this honestly should’ve been a solo song because the other guy didn’t really add much and it kind of took away from the symbolism plus it’s not a lyrically complex song it’s just very catchy and well produced so there really was no need for the other guys verse
  • Theo
    This is such a powerful music video. Becoming better than your previous self. Well done JJ!
  • Orsi Ferencz
    The visuals and the symbolism on this are absolutely mental, love how it sounds, another banger of a song !!
  • StephenMay
    One of your best mate. I really enjoyed this one. The visuals are great and it’s catchy as possible. The lyrics also share a great message and could be used as a motivational song for others. Nicely done JJ.
  • Sammie. B
    This song is really incredible and the visuals make it even more powerful - This kinda music saves people 🙏🏽 ❤️great job
  • Liam Fair
    Best music video I’ve seen so far. It sets the scene of your hardest enemy is yourself. KSI is truly an inspiration to many. Keep up the great work fam. Looking forward to seeing more come
  • I'm sure there are going to be a ton of remixes for this song, and this time I'm actually looking forward to them! Imagine this song at a music festival, people are going to go mental!
  • Absorber
    yo that knockout though, wassabi ain’t ready 💀
  • Izzy Bates
    JJ I'm so proud of you, you have just gotten better and better sending love ❤️ :)
  • 8 years and
    Hey ksi i found this channel 2years ago and i must admit you never disappoint us.i am so glad i found this channel.this song is gonna more popular than any of singers with autotune this song has lyrics, meaning, voice so pleasant mannnnn!!!! Keep grinding mannnnnn!!!!love you a lot from India 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
  • JamesXCaliber
    One of the best collabs and songs I've heard in a bit because it is so real and sounds so catchy and relatable
  • Joel Prathap
    The song and the video are very well produced. I absolutely loved it when the sounds muffled as KSI was doing underwater training shot. Lot of attention to detail and that's why this content is genius and premium. There was something about the ending of the song where the guitar strumming comes in.. That pert felt very calm and pleasant. All in all, amazing music, music video, production.

    KSI is a marketing genius. He promoted the boxing match, the earphones, the prime and adidas through this one video. That's 5 bags!!! (Including the music release)
  • rosemarY.
    Despite all this guy has been through, we all one fact at the end of the day, and it's that JJ as a person, never quits. I'm glad to be a fan and be apart of the fam for more years to come.
  • Nerves
    The visuals on this one is crazy, well done JJ!
    Love the idea of you fighting your old self, and overcoming it to become better and stronger!