It's been a minute...

Published 2022-07-29
Thanx y’all

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  • Tiny Gecko
    The first 20 seconds of the video are amazing. Walking in a room, sitting in a chair, sighing. This man has studied the art of YouTube apologies, amazing.
  • sbowesuk
    Can't help but feel these questions were carefully selected and the answers carefully vetted by a sizable PR team. This video feels more like a damage control exercise, than a raw apology.
  • yuitr loing
    This apology is about as genuine as Jadas wedding vows
  • Sonia’s Way
    Will is so lucky to have Jada's boyfriends as the camera crew.
  • Dennsxvii
    I just don’t understand why it was formatted in a Q&A. This man is a real YouTuber
  • A G
    This dude went from one of the more likable celebrities to this
  • EvanJack06
    Will could really use that rewind button right about now.
  • Sam Gootkin
    CLM 🍋✊ Swag army will always be with you, even after your 15 minutes of fame!
  • Bulldog Boy
    When Will said "It's apologizin' time" I cried tears of joy. Morbius would be proud.
  • Hakeem
    This dude needed a whole production set to do something he could have done with his phone camera sitted by the side of the road.
    For Chris or others to see: there's a huge difference between an apology and being sorry. An apology is expressing and acknowledging that you made a mistake, but to be sorry is truly feeling sorrow for your actions and feeling empathy towards the person/thing you hurt. Chris is still hurting, but he's recovering. He will address Will when he's ready, this kind of thing can't be rushed or forced, because people heal differently. The same goes for Will.
  • dogshmog
    Man, this proves that money doesn’t equal happiness. In this case, it’s created a sphere with a mirrored surface which Will Smith exists in. He is trapped in a very expensive bubble of despair, shame, and depression. I’m sorry Will.
  • Kade Wade
    When Will goes directly up to Chris, and tells him directly that he’s genuinely sorry, I’ll respect him again. Not as much as before, but still respect him.
  • Johnny Perez
    If he just apologized when he got his award, then things would be a little different. Yes, he is human and when you're a celebrity people are less forgiving because the expectations are a little higher. He has a long road ahead of him.
  • Dirt Cobain
    It never fails to amaze me why people still do these obviously highly controlled, fake apologies. You could be real and have a heart to heart with people and be held accountable and people will come around to forgive you. But these apologies these days don’t mean anything and everyone knows it. If you’re not sorry don’t say it. At least be honest
  • May42o
    Can’t believe Will was able to nearly perfectly pull off the YouTuber apology video after only 4 months of training.
  • Memories broken, the truth goes unspoken
    I’ve even forgotten my name
    I don’t know the season or what is the reason
    I’m standing here holding my blade
    A desolate place (place) without any trace (trace)
    It’s only the cold wind I feel
    It’s me that I spite as I stand up and fight
    The only thing I know for real

    There will be bloodshed
    The man in the mirror nods his head
    The only one left
    Will ride upon the dragon’s back
    Because the mountains don’t give back what they take
    Oh, no, there will be blood- (blood) -shed (shed)
    It’s the only thing I’ve ever known