The most disrespectful move in basketball history! 👏 #shorts

Published 2022-08-03

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  • DaBoiChin
    All these bozos who think he actually went to jail💀
  • Cosmic
    "Hit me like that one more time u going to jail"
  • Jxce
    I would’ve been a little cautious throwing the ball at that cop head 💀💀
  • Cire
    Bone collector: “I won… but at what cost?”
  • River Sala
    "Whatchu in here for boss?"
    "Im good at basketball "
  • Mansta
    Him: "Can we take a shot with me in handcuffs?"
    Cop: "Sure bro..."
    Takes the video
    Him: "Thanks bro, you can take them off now"
    Cop: "Know what?"
  • King Bob
    The cop be like: I’ll lock you up literally
  • Tristan Lynn
    You made your shot, now I gotta make mine

    Cop pulls out his gun
  • exnvyVFX
    "Let's see you do that move in jail buddy".
  • Incognito
    The cop just goes afterwards “well it looks like I’m the real winner in this situation”
  • October22
    He finna 1v1 miles bridges now 🤣
  • cluttter
    ,,While were here uhh, you do seem to fit a description"
  • Miles
    “good game, now get on the fucking ground”
  • M.iqhbal
    "And then the cop pull out his gun"
    """one of the best thing about dude is that he never takes credit for himself when he achieves something .he always respect us , the audience and his team , and he is polite in all his videos .we congratulations ourselves on this achievement . more to come 💕💗