Published 2022-08-05
Amelia meets Summer Walker for a date in a chicken shop.

Created and Written by Amelia Dimoldenberg
Director: Amelia Dimoldenberg

Co-written by Liv West
Additional Research: Miracle Hurd

Producer: Georgie Goadsby
Executive Producer: Liv West and Amelia Dimoldenberg

Cam A: Bruno Downey
Cam B: Jack Ayers
Sound Op: Eleanor Lynch

Editor: Joe Bolger
Conform: Lewis Ashley

Colourist: Ruth Wardell and Fraser Twitchett @ Okay Studio
Sound Design/Mix: Mark Duckett @ Bounce

Animation by Naomi Anderson-Subryan
Social Media: Jade Whiteley and Miracle Hurd

Dimz Inc. Productions

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  • ceejay
    People who are shy tend to have high anxiety usually struggle with interviews like this, so kudos to you for keeping it light, funny and comfortable. It's a skill to admire, honestly
  • wuttwuu
    I didn’t even notice Summer’s awkwardness, Amelia made her feel comfortable lol. I loved when she made Summer laugh a couple of times
  • r.adoresk
    Summer makes Amelia seem quite energetic 😭
  • Lindy Thurston
    I can’t tell if Amelia saying “I can’t imagine you running” was a subtle joke on her name that I almost missed or if she was just saying that😂
  • " I would sacrifice myself for you "
    Summer : "ohh that would be a waste of your life "
  • Im Trying
    This interview isn’t making summer ”awkward”. This interview allows and expects summer to be herself,not this person that’s trained to keep a certain image. Im seeing just a human here,feeling feelings like a human does.this is fresh.

    Other interviews should start taking notes and introduce artists like humans.not these beings that are not allowed to make mistakes or be themselves.

    This was literally just two different humans talking, i love this channel sm.

    Thank u amelia for giving these celebs the apportunity to have their guards down from trying to be anything but themselves. You’re probably alot of these celebs core memory and a reminder that they are perfectly fine with their own personal personality, the indestury looks mad exhausting and a lot of work for a single induvidual to handle so sometimes the celebs might forget they’re still a human that is allowed to just be.
  • Kay-DC
    "How long have you been awkward for"
    "Since I came out the womb"

    Single handedly the best thing I've heard all day
  • .
    amelia dropping her song names throughout haha ‘i’ve got potential’, ‘so girls need love’ and ‘you’d come through’
  • Catherine Mensah
    this is awkward but in a good way. like summer is comfortably being awkward and being herself without any pressure. love 2 see !
  • Hello everyone! I hope you enjoy this date where two awkward kweens UNITE! I am so excited to have Summer as guest as she RARELY does interviews and she is one of my FAVE artists. Getting Summer on the channel says a lot about how far the show as come so I am so grateful for all of your support! I think I met a friend for life here! Awkwardness is a superpower fr xxxxxxx
  • siliziwe h.
    amelia: i could tell a joke
    summer: okay well, don’t do it

  • Amelia: You’re not allowed to get into a jacuzzi when you’re pregnant ?
    Summer: they’ll like….cook em’
    TOOK ME OUT!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • peeknee
    "you're not allowed to get in a jacuzzi if you're pregnant??"
    "it'll like... cook 'em."

    that made me wheeze. she's really funny in a deadpan type of way and i love it.
  • She actually made summer smile during an interview. Kudos to you.
  • A-man the dj
    “You supposed to hit the brakes” took me out 😂😂
  • Kayo
    I notice when Summer is doing interviews she’s sitting straight and holds her head down, but when they’re light and fun like this she kinda relaxes and slouches in her seat, it’s the cutest watching her interact lol
  • Rajanique
    I LOVE Summer’s “awkwardness”, shows she’s being her authentic self.
  • Jacqui-Marie
    summer asking amelia a question is just wholesome. Her personality seems goofy
  • Mariana Ortegon
    This legit wasn’t awkward at all because you were both so comfortable
  • Sarah X
    This was amazing she’s super cute you two actually have so much awkward chemistry 😂 but ngllll can’t wait for drake