Published 2022-08-03

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  • Nina Poindexter
    I love how I screamed “Aw! It’s a little piggy!” Half a second before she said “obviously it’s a little piggy” 😂 great minds… lol
  • When I saw her put that half small circle thing, I thought it's gonna be igloo. Then I saw her make those ears, I thought it's gonna be cat. Turns out it's pig, it's cute!
  • stooge81
    "... because he's a pahty pig!"
    That Aussie accent gets me every time.
  • a.zubs. life
    "A party pig" in that accent was everything I needed to hear today 🤗
  • Hampter
    Why is everything trying to remind me of him?!! 😭🕊️🐷👑
  • Naledi Dlothi
    When the ears went on I screamed "piggy!" So glad I'm not the only calling it that.☺️ It looks absolutely delicious. Definitely will try this!
  • Therese Rose
    I love the happy "'cause she's a pahty piiig!" 😁❤️❤️
  • Thea Agentum
    I don’t know why but it reminds me of technoblade
  • Mystery Pup360
    “it’s obviously a little piggy” Me: thinking its a pink train…
  • Angelina Somogy
    Me: aww it's gonna be a cat
    Her: obviously it's a pig
    Me: ... oops-
  • Toby
    The ganache mud is such a fun idea 😍 Adorable!
  • xxami
    ngl i love your voice
  • Pamela Lopez
    “Cause it’s a party pig”
    I can’t stop laughing 😂 I love this it’s so cute
  • Ava
    "Obviously it's a little piggy."

    Me who thought it was gonna be either a cat or dog: .......wha.....huh?
  • xxami
    omg such a cute piggy