the greatest comeback ever (animated short)

Published 2022-08-03

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  • E. Just E.
    Bro really said: Do you really want the homo bromo?
  • Fe3llin Gaming
    My best comeback is my dad was mad and said “the next thing you ask ima say no” and in an instant thought I said “are you tall” and the rest of my family just died of laughter
  • Ginger T e a
    I’m so used to the filtered voice that I was like “oh is this a different person voicing?”
  • L E
    Its weird hearing his voice without the vocoder
  • ☻ M̶&M̶☻
    My greatest comeback was when I was in first grade some annoying kid said
    “Did you know every time you blink someone dies”
    I repeatedly started blinking.
    He asked
    “Do you want everyone to die?”
    And I said
    “No I’m gonna keep blinking till you die”


    He just stared at me in shock

    I was smirking so much
  • Glow
    This channel is the living form of “criminally underrated.”
  • MushMoon360
    Him: Yes

  • me having a single brain cell having an urge to say “Y-yes daddy~” lol
  • Kakkyfigglehorn
    Maybe he was considering it 💀
    Edit: I got god and jesus in my comment section
  • Vinney sharit
    Honestly I would have just been like "yes" fuckin uno reverse card his ass
  • Doodle_Dragon
    My best comeback:
    “You’re ugly”
    Me: “I know”
  • -[Çøçø]-
    "Neither of us wanted that to happen"

    Sure buddy..
  • Zeraora Shiny
    My best comeback was:

    I was in second grade, and a girl called Alice (She was the teacher's pet) made an annoying joke against me, that teacher hated me, so he supported her, later in the class, the teacher explained what is a voice, and he said that it is for communication, to sing, and then he looked straight at me in the eyes and he said "the voice can also be used to annoy" and I said to him, "exactly, like the dumb joke Alice made" basically Alice covered her face, the teacher expression was the most satisfying thing I saw in that time, the whole class busted out laughing, and then, the teacher punished me, by being put in the bottom of the class, and before I got to the end I said "I may have got punished, but I got what I wanted" my whole family hated that teacher, so they didn't care of he complained to my dad or my mom
  • lucky bryner
    Him: yes
    You: "runs"
    Him: you can run but you cant hide
  • Plot twist: He secretly did, but got embarrassed when he figured it out.
  • Sinjin
    Wait, did this JUST get uploaded? Dang, had no idea 'til I went to the comments section 😆 Also, you're right, that was the best comeback ever. 😂 "Never let them know your next move."

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