[Full Album] 소녀시대 (GIRLS' GENERATION) - FOREVER 1

Published 2022-08-05
[Full Album] 소녀시대 (GIRLS' GENERATION) - FOREVER 1

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All Comments (21)
  • Marina DC
    Not me crying thinking about the fact Hyo, Sooyoung, Yoona and Yuri didn’t have a lot of lines before and look at them now 🥲
    I’m so proud of them all.
    Listening to Hyoyeon singing voice got me so emotional
    SNSD is my first Kpop group, and will forever be. Queens 💫
  • Kyattchan
    This album has so many beautiful songs! Seventeen, Villain, Closer, Mood Lamp and Paper Plane are my favorites!:virtualhug:
    I'm not a SONE but it's impossible to be indifferent to SNSD! 15 years later AND they stay relevant in the KPOP industry!
    PS: Thank you for sharing the full album but people should also know that there's a playlist "FOREVER 1 - The 7th Album" in the official channel with all the songs!
  • Bing 冰
    Somehow their concepts and their songs make me feel like I’m boarding on a plane
  • _Carpe Diem
    와....진짜 쩐다 다른데서 듣다가 이런 그룹이 있어??하면서 찾으니까 소녀시대..와...역시 이 언니들 실력 장난아니야....와 노래 얼굴 춤 전부 장난없다..
  • Cian Ti
    Don’t take this too seriously as it’s all in good fun, but why does Villain sound like a song that a boy group (ie NCT) would perform, but SNSD steps on stage and says, “move over son, let me show you how it’s done.” I love it! This album is great.
  • Jayla T.
    They've improved and matured so much. Their voices are a bliss to listen to.
  • zukinny100
    This is an incredible album that showcases why SNSD is a LEGEND globally. To fully appreciate the complex production, sound engineering and SNSD's vocals, the album needs to be listened with good headphones/earplugs. FOREVER 1 is a celebratory track that connects SNSD's beginning from Into The New World to the present. Kenzie ingeniously hooked INTW's lyrics with FOREVER 1's, and even included a sampling of ITNW's intro into the bridge of FOREVER 1 (where Tiffany was sitting on the plane as the scene transitioned to the group walking on the red carpet). In ITNW, the lyrics showed SNSD's apprehension and anticipation as they embarked together to a new journey. FOREVER 1 answered some of those lyrics to show they are now celebrating the bond after overcoming the challenges and joy of the journey together.

    There are no bad tracks in this album, but Tracks 3 to 6 show SNSD's range and versatility in tackling genres and experimentation. Villain by Tiffany and Sooyoung is a standout and should be SNSD's next single. You Better Run is an edgier and experimental sequel to Run Devil Run, and needs to be listened to a few times to fully appreciate the sound mix, and Closer is an easy flowing track that SNSD tackled effortlessly. There are too many things to appreciate about this album. Welcome Back, SNSD/GG/Soshi !!
  • Yasin Alifa
    The colors of their music and vocal in this album is very AMAZING AND RICH ! Indeed, 15th years experience will define your standard. Love and salute for OUR QUEENS !
  • WaffleEBay12
    Paper Plane is so perfect! This whole album is honestly amazing and needs to be in the conversation with their best work. It's cohesive, yet has a wide variety of songs. It's their most synth-wave mature sound they've made yet. I hope this isn't the last we hear from the 8 of them, but if it is, they ended it on the right note. Thank you SNSD for everything. 💗
  • Javier Miranda
    There's a thing with snsd voices, individually but specially as a group, i get what yoona said when she listened the full recording of forever one and she though "ahh, this is snsd" the emotion that they radiate with the vocals of each of them when they sing together has that thing you know, that you can find easily, when i heard them i can really feel the uniqueness of them, man 12 years since i fell in love with snsd, alot have passed, many sad things for them, and hear them... shining as 15 years never passed.
  • MoonsMaHometown
    How can they take such a long break and STILL come back with probably their STRONGEST vocals ever? 😳 Hyo, Yoona’s and Sooyoung’s vocals especially - are absolutely insane in this album, the best I’ve heard from them ever. As a Hyo stan this makes me soooo excited for her future releases - I long for more singing-focused tracks from her 🥲💖
  • nekohanten0910
    18:13 to 18:29 Hyoyeon’s part during the chorus always gets me good. She’s like a vocal hidden gem finally discovered & polished after all these 15 years.
  • mimi.
  • Samana Pudasaini
    All songs are addicting, forever 1 is so beautiful song and villain is just so good
  • 하자22합격20
    소원들을 위해 앨범 내준 게 너무 느껴져서 감동이야! 우리 오래 가자
  • Terence Chong
    i like this songggggg omg badasssss
  • Girls generation pra sempre!! Eu sabia que elas iam voltar, mesmo com tanta gente duvidando ❤❤❤
  • Houston Scott
    This is one of their best albums hands down. Soooo many great songs and a solid variety. All of the members sound amazing. You can feel their individual growth coming together here. Been a fan since 2009.

    My favs at the moment are def Freedom, Mood Lamp, and Closer but I can listen to all of the songs. No skip. Also I gotta say Taeyeons adlibs on this album are just beautiful. Especially in Freedom