NBA Youngboy - Change

Published 2022-07-24

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  • A1_Loco
    The entire industry could be against this man and imma still support him everytime he drops 🔥
  • achievementnfts
    its actually insane how consistent he is. the money is just a plus for him. he really loves doing this.
  • onei jike
    It’s crazy to hear his voice change over the years , still fire
  • Shemayah Israel
    This kid got it man, hes getting better every time he gets on the mic... most definitely heading towards legendary status
  • slida emif
    Wow this song is crazy, this chorus is beautiful, YB is SO good at making hooks with timeless melodies that give you chills sonically
  • Talking Ben
    The amount of flows this man can do is insane
  • Steven Phillips
    Bro his versatility is ridiculous... If you are a real YB fan you know this is a whole new sound and unlocked flow🔥
  • Prod. Kauzeyy
    Every time he drops a song he always gets #2 trending or #1 bros gonna be at top of the music industry hes gonna be remembered for generations

    A música que eu mais gostei ele fez um vídeo clipe muito foda 🇧🇷🔥🎶🎧
    “What the fuck is it I’m missing, that he giving and I don’t show to you”
    Young boy is forever a great artist because no matter if your in the streets or not you are going to feel at LEAST one bar. On god.
  • Daily Internet
    Youngboy getting older and more mature; we can see and hear it in his songs. Glad he still alive😇 “CHANGE”
  • musiclova2112
    This song and “Clover Cage - Lost Then Found” are the two songs keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better. We are in this together..I love you..💕
  • Barry Miller
    This young man is the truth & i'm 40 yrs old & feel his music...Passion, pain, & truth is all of his songs
  • YB nunca decepciona, isso é fato meus amigos. Um dos melhores rap da nova geração
  • Theres alot of hurt behind this song but still he hold his head high that's what a real man do through hard times I'll support him regardless u may hate or want to see him bleed. Change is the best thing to do and I can see he's trying more then ever keep dropping bangers I'll always support u yb💯 been bumping u since 2016 and it ain't gone stop over some beaf this song fire I can feel the energy of it💯 stay positive
  • Yng Kayyvo
    He has so many flows he is definitely one of the goats of this generation idk how people can hate on him 🐐🔥
  • G0tem 12
    This man will be remembered for generations.
  • Young Shalant
    Stay safe youngboy there's so much bullshit going on now and days you're the GOAT