Girls' Generation 소녀시대 'FOREVER 1' MV

Published 2022-08-05
Girls' Generation's 7th Album "FOREVER 1" is out!
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02 Lucky Like That
03 Seventeen
04 Villain
05 You Better Run
06 Closer
07 Mood Lamp
08 완벽한 장면 (Summer Night)
09 Freedom
10 종이비행기 (Paper Plane)

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Girls' Generation 소녀시대 'FOREVER 1' MV ℗ SM Entertainment

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  • ellyssax
    15 years in the industry and yet they did not disappoint! GIRLS GENERATION EVERYONE!!!
  • Victoria 🍁
    No tuve el gusto de verlas en sus inicios, de hecho es mi primer comeback de ellas, y tampoco soy del Fandom, pero sé que ellas son una leyenda!! Y al ver este video pude sentir el poder y carisma que transmiten! Muchas felicidades a Girl's Generation por sus 15 años, y felicidades a sus fans por tenerlas de regreso!
  • Listening to this song still makes me emotional. Knowing that the promotion will end soon and we are uncertain as to when will be the next time. But, I believe and trust SNSD. We will go FOREVER! Let's give the best for the girls for this very meaningful time. LOVE YOU SNSD! BAHALA KAYO DYAN
  • Nahir Vilca
    Reinas visuales
    Reinas vocales
    Reinas en el baile
    Reinas en la actuación
    Reinas en la moda
    Reinas en la música
    Reinas empresariales
  • Berserker Game
    I cant stop smiling while watching. SONE and GG Forever 1!!!!!
  • tiah dos vine
    Gente os Girls Generetion está nas mais ouvidas do YouTube não vamos parar!
  • Kenia Ponce
    Por favor sigamos reproduciendo, ¡nosotros amamos a las chicas como ellas a nosotros! ¡El grupo de la nación está de regreso!
  • Kat Delos Santos
    I think the younger kpop fans today do not know that these girls are queens and legends. like they literally inspired most girl group members to pursue being an idol. anywaysss STREAM FOREVER 1 moreeeee
  • Zueee Othman
    Thank you so much SNSD for coming back for SONEs, I literally knew about them when I was 13 and now I'm 26, that's crazy fast how time flies🥺 I got teary eyes when I'm watching them on Knowing Brothers episode 345😭😭 finally, after all this wait, they came back!😍😭😭 Loving this song so much, welcome back my teenage hood idols! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • 하리보
    지금은 각자 따로 활동하고 있지만 우리는 하나라고 말해주고 있는거 같아서 감동임....🥲 소녀시대 영원하쟈😉
  • Después de años vuelvo a escuchar a las hermosas girl generation como no volver a enamorarme
  • this song is such an inspiration and motivation the way they said "we are one" and "forever" really dedicated for their fans being 15 years in kpop industry, yes this is GIRLS GENERATION! i'm sooo proud of them as always and they never failed to impressed me!
  • Siomai
    Did anyone here cried???? Because I do!! They raised me, us. Been listening to them since I'm an elementary student, now I'm a 2nd Year College Student!! They will forever live in our hearts!! SNSD FOREVER!!!!!!
  • fdm
    My Girls' Generation is FOREVER 1 in my heart, no matter how many years will pass! Thank you for loving us. We love you!
  • Lê Quang Hiệp
    Những cô gái này là một phần thanh xuân tươi đẹp của tôi...cảm ơn các bạn vì đã trở lại một cách tuyệt vời như vậy...15 năm âm thầm theo dõi và ủng hộ các bạn...hãy luôn mỉm cười và đi cùng nhau thật lâu nữa nhé...FOREVER1 So Nyeo Shi Dea!!!
  • banana
    This MV is like a tribute to SNSD's entire career, highlighting each member's solo gigs! And their outfits are so reminiscent of their old MV and stage outfits.
  • Jesus Medina
    Leyendas ustedes le dieron sentido al género en tanto moda y en coreografias gracias por su musica tan genial 🫰🏻🫰🏻🤩🌌🌌🫰🏻🤩