The Birth Of Our Daughter 💛

Published 2022-08-05

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  • Areia
    been here since you two were long distance, surprising each other, until you two were married. Happy for the both of you and will continue to support you forever <3
  • Caroline Rose
    This made me so emotional! I have been a fan from the very, very beginning of your relationship when I was a teenager. I felt like you guys were like older siblings through the screen. I’m in my 20’s now, and this just feels surreal. Watching you guys grow up while I grew up has been the coolest thing, and I’m so happy for you two! Also- you have the MOST beautiful newborn I’ve ever seen. Congratulations! 🥺♥️
  • couldn’t have imagined from when i first watched your “surprising my long distance bf/gf” up until this beautiful moment, i’m so happy for you both!! welcome to the world makaiah!!
  • Brandi Gabriel
    Love how Jess' family is just instantly breaking down in tears and Gabe's is pumped and excited! I love seeing the family dynamics.
  • I can’t believe 9 months already. I remember seeing Jess and Gabriel when they first met each other. Congratulations 🍼
  • God, since seeing Jess singing covers when they were still in a long distance relationship to listening to them singing in the birth of her daughter makes me believe in love. You two are going to make an amazing job raising that little princess, God bless her and gifts her with a life full of joy, love and health. She’s breathtaking
  • Dinuki
    I’ve been a conte fan for a long time now, and now seeing this makes my heart melt🥺❤️ Welcome baby girl ❤️
  • I bawled the entire time. It's been so beautiful watching this family come together since the start. Congratulations <3
  • Crozan
    Just like everyone said in the video. She looks absolutely perfect you guys. Massive congrats.
  • Alissa Hannah
    jess I honestly cried with your family's reaction. this video was incredibly wholesome and emotional, even for me as a viewer :,) I've been watching you guys since 2017, and I've always been waiting for the day you two get to be parents. I can't believe it's here! Thanks for sharing her with us! She's absolutely precious. Sending so much love to the Conte and Bauer fam! 💛
  • nonsEns
    i love that we all feel like we’re also part of their family because we’ve been so lucky to be part of their journey since they were dating long dostance🥹😭😭make us all want to cry
  • Xavier
    2:18, when Gab said, " hey, bubby". His love has not divided between his girls, it's doubled.♥
  • Janine Bauer
    Our precious Granddaughter Makaiah, one day you will grow up and read all these wonderful comments. You are loved by so many and will be protected at all cost. You are such a blessing in our life and we are so excited to be your Nan and Pop. Love you honey xx 💗💗💗xx
  • SP
    Sobbing like i'm part of the family 🥺. Amazing how far you two have gone. More blessings to come
  • Allyson M
    i’ve never cried so hard over a birth video. congratulations you guys!! i’m so excited to watch your new journey as parents 🤎
  • Alexa Cunz
    Congrats! She is so precious :) Sarah's reaction was so sweet! As were all. Cant wait to hear how you picked her name!
  • vbddfy euuyt
    She’s so beautiful! You guys are on such a wonderful adventure!! Cherish every moment! Congratulations!!
  • Meghan O'Donovan
    she’s soooo precious, y’all are already amazing parents