Inflation: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Published 2022-07-24
John Oliver discusses what causes inflation, what we’ve done about the current round of it, and, of course, makes the smartest investment of all time.

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All Comments (21)
  • mostmelon
    6 minutes in and he’s definitely gonna buy that frog.
  • After spending my childhood watching my parents put things back and never asking for things bc we had no money, getting to this point in my adult life with my own kid is emotionally exhausting on a new level.
  • TurboWaitress
    The HBO Accounting Department must live for this show and their itemized budget requests. “You want to buy a WHAT!? Three of them!? For one segment!?”
  • manu lamba
    Me being from Argentina I can say: you merely adopted the inflation i was born in it molded by it.
  • Red Inverse
    ive been working at a walmart since almost the beginning of the pandemic and ive watched prices slowly rise over time, alot of our products cost 20 to 50% more than they used to and it bothers me that the cheap stuff i used to buy i now have to think twice about because theyre not cheap anymore, i can only imagine how hard it could be for someone whos struggling to support themselves
  • xXtheStrayXx
    As a grocery store employee , I love being yelled at and blamed personally for prices, one lady went on a massive rant on how I was evil and how we should all be ashamed for robbing everyone, me and my broke minimum wage self just nodded and smiled knowing I can no longer even afford to do groceries as regularly or even get half of what I needed.
  • SH C
    As an actual working international economist, he’s simplified a lot but yes he’s correct it’s not an influx of just producing money lol. Climax of Econ changes a presidential term doesn’t impact for years after, trump did take credit for prior changes. Same with reserve it’s a counter control and controlled independently, internationally, and through Republican dominant corporations. I say that as a participant.
  • Tyler
    Can't begin to describe how frustrating it is to have seen wages stagnate over the past 40 years, cost of living continue to rise, and then when a big inflationary events happens, to watch any amount of it being blamed on rising wages.

    Like I get that, technically, rising wages could contribute to inflation, but it's hardly the fault of folks demanding more for what they're contributing.

    I just worry that we're gonna miss the forest for the trees, and fail (again) to place the blame at the fault of an economic system that relies on coercion to meet the demands of it's labor requirements.
  • LA Enck
    Little disappointed how they didn’t touch on insane wealth concentration has contributed to inflation. real estate speculation drove up housing prices, investors now speculating on farmland is driving food prices, and the federal government issued the largest COLA in recent history and our oligarch overlords responded with a concerted price adjustment to commodities and consumer goods but I’m sure none of those things are connected to inflation.
  • rdowning60
    This guy is the new Jon Stewart..but John Oliver addresses so many other areas ..his show is funny..informative and well investigated and researched...
  • Chris Bluebird
    What if instead of talking about 9.1% inflation, the media acknowledged the true rate of inflation of about 18%? American workers are experiencing unprecedented declines in their real incomes, which is why record numbers have been forced to work multiple jobs to make ends meet. I wish I had more time for trial and error, but I'll be 56 in October and I need ideas and advice on what investments to make to set myself up for retirement, especially with the looming inflation and recession; my goal is to have a portfolio of at least $500k at the age of 60.
  • Norm Rayos
    Somebody, somewhere, who a year ago was doing their insane job creating giant size frog statues just got the payoff of the century tonight.
  • Even if the inflation print read 4% next month, that doesn’t mean the price of goods and services comes down in a meaningful way. It just means the price appreciation of those goods and services slows down but, directionally, keep rising. In order for real prices to come down, we would need to be in a deflationary environment for a meaningful period of time. The last time that happened was 2008-2009. And we all know what happened there after.
  • Economic pain is always fundamentally about inequality. If we refuse to address that, then measures to alleviate the pain will be only partially successful at best.
  • Arghya Raihan
    As an economics graduate, this was a segment to grimly smile through. Especially the bit about extant models not being able to predict current circumstances (too many economists refuse to acknowledge flaws or shortcomings in modeling), and the bit about economists not being able to agree on causes/solution (economists can never agree on anything; it's a running joke among economists and those cursed to work with them).
  • BMO isgood
    I work at a gas station, can confirm half of my customers hate me for the gas prices. When the pandemic was in full swing and we couldn’t cash customers out without them wearing a mask….. woof. I did not get payed enough for that shit.
  • Liz Bajjalieh
    I feel like saying "raising wages" as a factor for inflation is a bad bad take - stagnant wages for decades is absolutely exasperating this crisis and we probably wouldn't be in as deep a mess if wages were higher throughout the country. Don't blame the workers, blame the employers exploiting their workers while making record profits. Don't treat workers demanding higher wages as a negative factor when you just made a different video on unions being so important.
  • K Drongo
    Fun fact, I used to build retail websites, most of those "3 left in stock" messages are fake. They use them to create a false sense of urgency.
  • Reluctant Hero
    America is currently plagued by the hydra-headed evvil duo of inflation and recession. The worst part about this recession is that consumers are racking up credit card debt. In April alone, credit card debt went up 20% while rates have doubled in a year. Inflation is so high that consumers are literally taking debt for basic life necessities. Collapse has indeed begun.