Rod Wave - Stone Rolling (Official Video)

Published 2022-07-26

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  • Emaja Stephens
    Three Stages of listening to Rod Wave
    1. Listening to the lyrics
    2. Understanding the lyrics
    3. Knowing all of the lyrics
  • Young Astro
    If you’re going through a tough ass heartbreak, tough ass loss, tough times … or all the above at the same time. Just know that life gets better. Never give up. Stay fighting for everyone that loves you. Be the love you want to see in the world. I love you. Live life with Joy ❤️ You only experience this once.
  • Dāv1d!
    Best type of rap, a story, great vocals, great delivery/flow, fire instrumental like this is the best type of rap
  • Wanda Marrero
    I love ❤️ his music 🎵 🎼 always comes out with good bars 🙌🔥💯🔥💪💯🔥💪💯🔥💪💯🔥❤️❤️💪🔥💯
  • Lexi Candy
    Rod Wave go in soo hard on this right here, straight up BANGER! He aint like all them goofies and oppas who just be usin dat AUTHENTIC VIEWS dawwwt cawwwwm jawwwwn to get they hits up to go HAM... SMH seem like anyone can go big these days...
  • Eric arroyo l
    Y’all fr haven’t noticed how rod wave has changed his rap from when he started I was around listing to him in 2018 and have felt all the words he’s said in all of his songs he speaks the true pain of the people with big hearts
  • Teolu_
    Imagine this song at a concert with the crowd singing with rod😳
  • This song hit different growing up in and out of the system never really knowing your place and where home is at thanks Rod this one hit hard 💯
  • OneWayReggie
    So Many People Don’t Realize How Good His Music Is😢
  • YkTiggaMusic
    Keep doing ya thing rod frfr I’ve started music bc of you and when I seen yo concert one time I felt like you was speaking to me when you was telling us to chase our dream everyone was still leaving and I stayed to here your words I ain’t trying to be a cloud chaser but I feel like one day I will make a sound with you coming up in the game is no joke but god brought yo music in my life to show me no matter the situation your in it’s not impossible to get outta of it if you face it thanks fam and keep grinding frfr you a big inspiration to the youth 🙏🏾💚
  • Ron Sizzle 402
    The 🌎 loves your 🎶 & energy keep up the greatness 🙌 I remember bieng a kid wanting to travel 🛬 were can I go to get some peace so honest 💪 #rolling stone
  • Jamar Sam
    Is it just me or does he have the best music videos
  • Blake Daniels
    Rod wave speaks of insightful truth and motivation I listen to his music everyday! No other artist moves me like you rodwave!
  • Cresce
    I cant wait for the album. Rod wave hit me different than these other artists these days. I aspire to work with him one day. I dropped three music videos this month. I produced the beats for them and did a lot of the editing aswell. To anyone that takes the time out of their day to show love and support, I will forever be thankful 🙏
  • Makhetsi Mbhele
    It's really a blessing to hear something new 4rom the king Rod Wave