Bagyu : Wagyu on the go

Published 2022-08-03

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  • The Watcher
    He was definitely high when he came up with this lol🤣
  • Yussef Cheaitou
    Real chads order vegetarian sandwiches just to pull out a wagyu out of their pockets and put it on em
  • Jack Mancuso
    I know Wagyu has been ruined by the internet, I just had to cook this one before it went bad and thought this was a funny concept. Back to non-Wagyu tomorrow 🤝
  • sportedits
    Imagine asking him for a bite that’s $30
  • Jacob Bai
    Mancuso showing us innovation that would take mere mortals thousands of years to comprehend
  • Bob teh Dinosaur
    Cuso: * Casually eats something worth two months of groceries as a snack *
  • Nolan Reed
    Imagine bringing a steak in a plastic bag places lmao 🤣 😂😂😂😂
  • Drixzy
    A scab u Wana pick off never heard that one but I 100% get it lol 😆
  • lil Idk💀
    Should put some dirt on the wagyu so you could give some pieces to strangers so they can grow up
  • Lol stans
    I love jamming $80 steak in my pocket to eat later when it’s cold and soggy
  • Will Zelazny
    Hahaha I was at the training camp this past Saturday!
  • Jack Hicks
    "Go to snack is a wagyu"
    cries in broke