A simple human task that's insanely hard for a robot

Published 2022-07-31
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I thought this would be an easy project to knock off my list after putting myself through the wringer with the automatic basketball hoop. I was wrong. This project is really hard. BUT that also makes it really interesting!

Some more details:
- The 5000 piece puzzle is the gradient puzzle from the play group: www.playgroup.design/
- More about telecentric lenses: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Telecentric_lens
- CoreXY belt design: corexy.com/
- Algorithm to determine point furthest from all puzzle edges en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Distance_transform

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  • Wooly Cow
    you are a true engineer...building an entire machine to make life slightly more boring
  • Invy55
    Jo stuff, you always say "What you haven't seen it's all the software I'm going through". The point is that I'm sure that a lot of us would love to see it, would love to listen to you explaining it. It would be so cool if you opened a channel called Stuff Explained Here, where you explain to us all the algorithms, all the stuff you coded and made to make this work.
  • Keenan Naugle
    I love how this channel has effectively become "How much can you possibly over-engineer a single project?". It's freaking hilarious to watch dude
  • Petr Peller
    This seems like a whole year project for 20 engineers to work on and then eventually fail. I don't understand how a single guy can do this in such a short time. Well done.
  • Amn Hameed
    this guy deserves the most subscribers on Youtube. nothing better in the world today than his content.
  • Dude, I have an engineering degree and I feel like a pre-schooler watching this guy, hes a genius.
  • SanT Dz
    "Solving the 5000 pieces puzzle would take about 10 years to solve manually. Thankfully, I made this robot that can solve it in 3000 years"
  • G
    The demonstration with the metal wires was really interesting, I’d love to see more cuts to stuff like that when explaining certain design/build choices in future videos. It reminds me of when the teachers would do cool demonstrations in science or physics class
  • DrBaStArDoS
    "Its the future. Why would I spend my time having fun when I can build a robot to have fun for me" - best opening line ever.
  • It would be cool to see a small "time passed" indicator in some corner to see how long each step really takes
  • MisterAwesan
    This is probably the most interesting project you've ever done, very excited for the next part.
  • Arno Nühm
    The company I work at does more or less the same thing and there are hundreds of engineers working for years to get a solution like this (only in a larger scale). Although it‘s not completely comparable, this man‘s intelligence and commitment are incredible.
  • Stuff, I know that you're making these videos available to a wider audience by toning down the science, but I would absolutely love it if you made follow up videos where you really got into explaining all of the theory and math going on here. You seem to skip over a lot of integration hell, but I think that's the most interesting part. All the pieces you wouldn't think would go wrong, and how to fix some of them. Someone else suggested a second channel or followup videos to help do both.

    Sincerely, the next generation of engineers who love what you're doing
  • Grants Rants
    It’s incredible for him to think of these engineering feats in such a short time, AND to explain it easily so casual viewers can understand it
  • Jayco
    I love that we live in a world where someone this talented can spend their time doing something this crazy and we can all learn and appreciate it.
  • Joel Bell
    What’s funny about robots is when they’re messing up horribly, a human would stop and reassess the situation, but they just keep on going and making the problem worse and are like
    “I did it!” At the end.

    But when they’re programmed right and everything falls into place (literally in this case) it’s 👌🏼
  • justinmeister
    Im in the medical field and and i love watching videos like these that are outside of my profession. Learning new things everyday is cool. Kudos to all the engineers that makes our life easier.
  • Emily Klassen
    When I was learning to program in high school, and playing a puzzle, I remember thinking : wow, it would be hard for a computer to figure out puzzles, the pattern matching, the motor skills, etc. 15 years later, you've done it you mad lad.
  • Old Man Jeffrey
    This man seriously has some of the most incredible feats of engineering I’ve seen. I mean, the sheer amount of work he must put into every one is just astronomical. Many thanks for sharing them!