Soldering will be ILLEGAL soon 🤥 #shorts #plumbing #contractor

Published 2022-08-03

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  • Adam McFarland
    I don’t think I can take anything you post seriously after this satire.
  • Jorge Posadas
    So we're going to move on to quick connects, quick connects fail with time.
  • Dustin McDermont
    In 50 years when these rubber O-rings turn into mush, the soldered joints will still be flowing with water
  • BlackMira237
    True story, my uncle was caught soldering and was sentenced 90-life
  • AlotL1keVegas
    "Only hacks use shark bites, and 90's"
    My boss during my plumbing apprenticeship.
  • CallsignMongol
    More like, "If I can rip it out, I'll change your mind."
  • Edward Alcala
    Someone soldering at home
    knock on the door
    “FBI OPEN UP!!!!”
  • Jacob D
    “Soldering is becoming illegal” . . . ‘don’t recommend channel’
  • Just got released from jail for soldering 😭 I'll never plumb again.
  • Jay Powell
    When you place your faith in shark bites and pex.... You'll pray for the rain to stop 😅
  • Timbooohs
    "wey" bruh... Please go back to school.
  • Obtuse Acute
    I could see one of the shark tank investors getting bamboozled with this 😂
  • James Walker
    You had me there for a moment, I felt my insides begin to boil until I realized the joke lmao
  • ScreenTalker D
    Immediately went to the comments as soon as he mentioned shark bite to see how triggered the YT plumbers are 😎
  • Joseph Hurley
    I worked at a hardware store for a while. learned a lot. one of my biggest takeaways was that the price of shark bite fittings are a JOKE compared to soldering.
  • thelol1759
    Man, you got my ass good with this one.