Mom vs. Grandma. Who won? 😂 #shorts

Published 2022-08-02

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  • Rachel Ann
    "that's my life savings right there"
  • ZeCinnamonTree
    I thought granny would say 'thats my retirement fund right there'
    But no, her entire life savings. 😎
  • Sofia_yay!
    “That’s my life’s savings right there!😁” lol I think Grandma won. If u agree
  • How grandmas treat thier grandchildren: HEAVEN
    How grandma treats thier child:
    Complete hell
  • Blink forever
    "What am I three , it doesn't even have pedals."

    had me laughing 🤣😂
  • -hioooo-
    Her: ew the cookies are hard
    Me:*actually likes burned cookies
  • NonExistentBread
    “That’s my entire life savings right there”
    Her:”aw thanks grandma!”
    Also her: crashes it the next day

    Edit: thanks for all the likes
  • Renato Jaque
    My grandma carry me when i was a more younger yet bc my mom cant carry me those time grandma are the best
  • Frogs_are_it.
    I love how the grans always be like doing everything better
  • Kayla Belknap
    I thought the grandmother would say"that's all my money right there" but no its says"my entire life savings"