i love it grandma (animated short)

Published 2022-08-03

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  • javadoodles
    audio by @kevinjamesthornton on tiktok!
  • “When did your parents find out you were gay?”

    “They knew before I knew”
  • Lou
    -" Back in the day, gays weren't a thing."

    Boys back in the day:
  • Ikj Joli
    "i've had no idea my child was gay, it was such a suprise!"

    Their child :
  • iva Isabelle
    "mom, Im gay"
    "Oh, i know sweetie. I know"
    "Wai- how?"
    "I know before you know"
  • Baiba
    my friends: “since when are you gay?”
    me as a kid:
  • Kaiserkase
    He never "got out of the closet", his parents probably just told him he's gay
  • elaina N
  • nasha
    "I didn't know my child was gay such a surprise!"

    The child:
  • winnie's vlogs
    “Then I recounted the entire thing in great detail to my grandma”
    oh gosh 💀
  • Decimator 517
    This looks weirdly wholesome and heartwarming and I wish my grandma was like that but she's African so yeah...
  • Battle
    99% of the comments: “how did u know I’m gay”
    Me: ok but why tf did his mom put this on for him?
  • ItzSkye
    “You’re gay!? I never knew that. Wow”

    Meanwhile their child:
  • Usually when people say “why is no one talking about…”everyone is talking about it

    But legitimately:

    Why is no one talking about how he’s 10 watching male strippers with his mom?
  • Artsy_🫠
    “PaaaAAaAaaaaAnts” proceeds to do downward dog.
  • Sarah B.
    All my gay friends coming out to their families:
    Them: I'm gay
    Their families: Were we not supposed to know?
  • Hana Fialova
    "and they looked a little bit concerned"