I got Dream a Guinness World Record

Published 2022-08-05
I got Dream a Guinness World Record. Subscribe with notifications!🔔 Congrats to @Dream and check out my other Youtube channels below! @JackSucksAtLife @JackSucksAtStuff @JackSucksAtGeography @Jack Massey Welsh @JackSucksAtClips @i

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JackSucksAtLife, also known as Jack Massey Welsh started his Youtube channel playing Minecraft and making funny Minecraft videos. More recently he is known for his Youtube Play Button & Youtube Awards collection. He is the first Youtuber to get a Diamond Play Button without 10 million subscribers. Jack Massey Welsh holds a Guinness World Record for how many Youtube Channels he owns. JackSucksAtLife was challenged by MrBeast to get a Youtube Channel with no videos to 1 Million Subscribers. Jack has another Youtube Channel called JackSucksAtStuff where he uploads even more Youtube Play Button videos and funny videos about Youtube in general. E.g. Youtube Subscribers, Youtube Analytics & Youtube Comments. Subscribe if you are reading this!

All Comments (21)
  • Kat
    truly impressive of Dream taking a picture of his world records without an inch of him in the reflection lol
  • Vaden Thakkar
    At this point, the dream team probably considers Jack, “the world record guy”
  • Nerve
    Fun Fact. Adding together all view Jack has on all his channels as of 7:45 on August 7th, a total of 931,761,509 views.

    This is my formal petition to have Jack make a custom playbutton for the moment that he reaches 1 billion views.
  • Jeez
    Jack should get a world record for applying the most amount of world records for people 😂
  • OliverNotABoT
    The collab we all wanted but never thought would happen!
  • Dorota
    Since Dream starting watching Jack back in the day, he probably never thought that he would speak about World Records with Jack himself, especially because the Records are for him! Congrats Dream!
  • At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if he got MrBeast a world record
  • Xavier
    To me dream is the most iconic human being to walk on the face of the minecraft scene... You deserve it bruh
  • SMP Clips
    Complete the Dream Team Jack! Let Sapnap have his Record so that it can be displayed on the Dream Team Place along Dream, and George Records

    Ps. Can do Wilbur and Quackity as well please
  • Emiwastaken🎗
    That is really epic honestly! Great work for getting him those records :D
  • Jack in 2030: “I received a Guinness World Record for giving every YouTuber a Guinness World Record.“
    Love the video jack! Helping dream must be cool!
  • Alex Ace
    Absolutely love this more than Dream could ever imagine! Im so happy for you because for recent tubers ive been following, youve been putting absolutely the most effort in your videos! Hope you keep doing this well, you deserve all of us subscribers.
  • Glitchyyer
    After he gets some more records, he should try to get the record for most records gotten for other people, and eventually, the most world records.
  • blackswan4ever
    You should get a world record for every member of the DSMP and then give them a record for being the largest group in which everyone had a record
  • Shauka Hodan
    Jack I’m so glad you’re bringing this series back! These collars are always amazing to see
  • Dream sounds out of breath because of excitement, it's so cute 🥰 Deserved! Thanks Jack!