Thank you for 10k!!! | @Flavor4Dinner |

Published 2022-07-28
The support from you guys has been incredibly!!!

Please Subscribe if you like what you see, it really helps me out.
If you'd like to see what I make next, hit the 🔔 you won't regret it.

Lets be friends on everything :)



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All Comments (21)
  • Heather
    Congrats, your food looks great! You actually bring flavor not just a ton of salt. Well deserved.
  • h0wdyx215
    Bro all your food looks bussin with FLAVOR!!! I’m new to cooking so a longer, detailed video would be great. Keep up the good work.
  • Kylie Shaye
    Congrats! You've been cooking for a while haven't you? The skills though 👌 Cant wait to see you grow even more!
  • vegasrenie
    One of your videos popped up, I watched it, I subscribed. I almost never subscribe instantly, but your spirit and the big FLAVOR at the end just got me! Plus, you’re good! I see tens of thousands (at least) more subscribers very soon. You were just too much fun, dude!
  • selena prg
    Keep doing what you do! ❤️ You already there it just hasn't caught up to you, yet! 😊
  • Sofia Rangel
    You deserve it dude! You got some good stuff to share with everyone 👍
  • selena prg
    It's more than, "just a guy in the kitchen cooking." It's the joy that comes with it and the love for things that makes people not only happy but healthy! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Nicole StLouis
    Your food looks next level, otherwise I wouldn't be here. You rock dude. Looking forward to more vids.
  • Tony Reynolds
    You have a great channel!! You deserve everything you get!! Thanks for Sharing!!
  • Mark H
    Congratulations kiddo, build on it and thrive.
  • Ms. Kylea
    Awww, congrats!! Your vids popped in my feed yesterday. After the brussel sprouts, I subscribed today!!
  • When you vibrate with an energy of gratitude for what you do and love humanities people will pull up for you in a major way. Keep pressing towards the mark and reaching your goals step by step and day by day. God Bless. 🙏🏽👌🏽🙌🏽
  • TheStorm 45
    Great videos, they've come up on my recommended n I love em all lol. I'll be one of the ones when you're at 100k, that can say I been here since the start of it all! Lol
    Best of luck you you! 💛💯
  • Congrats young man, new subscriber here offering support. This video just appeared so I'm glad this exact one jumped out at me. Again congrats to you and continue gaining many more subs. Peace from Tucson, Arizona and me.
  • J D4eva Podcast
    Awesome job! I followed because you made me laugh 😊😊