Rygin King - Therapy (Official Video)

Published 2022-08-05

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  • Rygin King never disappoints when making music. This song is THERAPY to many of us. To the fan reading this .... May you stay lively and full of optimism throughout this day. Have a nice and happy day at work, school or home.
  • Latoya Coke
    You going to get through and pass this Rygin. The devil want you give up, don't give up. You fans deh here for you. πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
  • Stefan Dominic
    It’s hard for rygin to accept this current state, being robbed of his mobility is like being robbed of your livelihood. Being restricted to a wheelchair never knowing if he will ever walk again can take a tremendous toll on the human mind. Stay strong brother you have always been one of my favorite dancehall artist from your first big song β€œmemba when me did poor daddy” heartbreaking experience my artist
  • Starrr gyal
    The fact that he’s being going through so much over the past 2 years and still came out and gave us a HIT song πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ WE LOVE YOU King ‼️ I pray for your coverage and pray that you will walk again in the name of Jesus ❀️‼️
  • jamgirlsworld
    Look how they tried to end the man, but really set him on a path to touch the world in a whole different way! "When di pain ago end?" Anybody anywhere in any stage of life can feel those words. Therapy talk coming from a real G. Yes 10/10πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
  • Neisha Landle
    I loveee this ...as Caribbean folks we dnt always speak about the mental strain of life n things we're going through ..I hope you heal , all of us (heal) this life can be horrible sometimes but dnt give up , turn the pain into strength πŸ’ͺ, you got this (whoever is listening this rn)
  • Jermy
    It takes strength for a man to expose his pain to this extent in a world that stereotype a male cry to being weak and emasculating πŸ™πŸ½
  • euisa cous
    Felt every word in this song LORD i pray you give us all the closure we all need in our times of depression
  • Aninha Morais
    Amo esse homem essa voz belΓ­ssima 😍sempre escuto, lembro do meu amor da Jamaica πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‡§πŸ‡·πŸ‡§πŸ‡·πŸ‡§πŸ‡·πŸ‡§πŸ‡·πŸ‡§πŸ‡·πŸ‡§πŸ‡·πŸ‡§πŸ‡·
  • Youth I cannot imagine what you're going through, all I can say is this pain makes you sound even greater, dem nuh know weh dem just do, song great and the message can help many. Many people can use this to pull them up, no time to go slow, you got this G. You even promoting therapy, and trust, we all need it cause alot of us are not walking mentally.
  • Azepiha Rowe
    When this pain gonna end, this song gives me goosebumps, Rygin king, I pray u walk again!
  • Janelle Purcell
    Felt every word in this song😒😒

    LORD i pray you give us all the closure we all need in our times of depressionπŸ₯ΊπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
  • Big tune Rygin, this shows the depth of your talent we know dis from longtime, glad to y see you back making music. Pain is inevitable glad to see you fighting it and as a fan I am glad to see you back on the scene….
    It’s soon end dawg just don’t give up continue fright the fright G and to all those who get touch by this song it’s is really a therapy keep the artist in all of your prayers πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ™πŸΏβ€οΈ
  • Ras Birdy
    We Appreciate all The Good Music You Have Done Stay Strong 1King
  • ashaunie lear
    This need to be viral because you deserve it bro, throughout what you've been through I respect you for still staying strong πŸ™
  • You have every right to express what you are going through Rygin King. Thank you for sharing it with the world. I continue to pray for you and your family. I prayer you are fully recovered in the mighty name of Jesus. Your life was spared for a reason. My grandmother always shared these words of this song with me whenever she sensed that I was feeling hopeless and in despair. I am now sharing it with you: "Jesus knows all about your struggles. He will guide you 'til the day is through. There is not a friend like the loving Saviour, oh not one, no not one." Stay true to yourself. Pray, trust and believe that you will get through this but never ever give up on yourself. You are destined for greatness. One Love.