Puzzles of the Paladin

Published 2023-06-12

A young hero, fueled by dreams of becoming a revered paladin, embarks on a quest that will test his strength and intelligence. Inspired by tales of the Sunforged Knights, he eagerly undertakes the arduous trials that they administer and judge. Success promises not only rank among their esteemed order but also the rewards of riches and the fulfillment of a lifelong dream.

There are 62 rooms. Use the items in each room to kill the monsters and exit as efficiently as possible. Resources are tight, but you may be surprised at how you can use them to make your heroic escape.

After successfully exiting each room, you will be evaluated on your efficiency and rewarded diamonds! The less moves and actions you make to exit the room, the more diamonds you get. Collect as many diamonds as you can to reach higher ranks in the Sunforged Knights and become the greatest Paladin they've ever seen!

Use the O-Button (Z or C on keyboard) to swap between your items. Each room has one or more items that you can use to kill the monsters, but they will be taken from you before you begin the next room.
You will always have the winged boots of swiftness that carry you as far as you can go in any direction. There are 3 possible items that you can pick up and use:

Don't worry, we've selected relatively harmless monsters for these trials. They stand around looking menacing, but as long as you kill them quickly, you shouldn't have any problems from them even when you are staring them in the face.

For extra goodies available for download, visit Puzzles of the Paladins itch.io page to get:

That is just the start. I am using this game to try out all sorts of ways we can get creative with our games beyond the game development itself, so I look forward to sharing more goodies.

This game was inspired by Dungeon and Puzzles by Nekolyst (available on Steam)

Easing Functions by Fletch.
Graphics Encoder by JadeLombax
Cart Compression: Shrinko8
Pixel Art Software:

Huge thank you to all the support on Ko-Fi. It's going a long way to maintain NerdyTeachers.com, keep us making more content, and bring more Pico-View zines in 2024. Making this game has been a very fun way to rest after last year's zine work. It allowed me to put so many great lessons from those articles to use and I hope to use this game to create more tutorials this year so keep an eye out for that!

Version 1.2

Version 1.1