Published 2023-06-12

I made this cart because I am positive someone out there desperately needs it.
Ok, so I just made it for fun, but surely you would too.

I left some notes on how to use it, but you may have some work ahead if you want to decipher my code.

I first envisioned a shape platformer game. That never happened. Anyhoo, I had envisioned a game
and I needed a simple and easy way to draw believable polygons. First, I looked around to see if
anyone else had done it before. I found one or two, but I did not like them enough.

My plan was simple:
I would draw the shapes one line at a time, top to bottom.
After some trial runs, I ended up scrapping it. Next, I dabbled with the idea of vertical lines.
That did not work either.
Finally, I came up with something radical: draw them from the inside out.
This plan had no major problems, it only took time to figure where my sines and cosines should be.
I polished some by adding outlines and voilà, here is the finished product. Hope you find it useful
and enjoyable. :)