Published 2023-03-06

Ttuor is a short, top-down action game with a gravity glove and some floaty boots.

Arrow keys - move the player

(O) - After you get the glove item, press and hold to pull crates and items towards you. Then use the arrow keys to reposition a crate before putting it down.

(X) - After you get the boots item, press to float. Press again to land. Then use the arrow keys to adjust the direction of your slide.

Just try to get to the end! If you can, try collecting all seven gems. And keep an eye out for the elusive eighth gem…

Pull stuff

Block beams with crates

Float and slide

This was my first original Pico-8 project. I worked on it on-and-off for the better part of a year, so it feels nice to finally put it onto the BBS!

Special thanks to @satchmobgw for all his assistance with testing this darn thing.