Let the OINK out!

Published 2022-07-31

Plan the escape of your piggly friend making the best out of what the luck of the dice has to offer. Can you open the cage holding them back from a life of happy squeaks?

Try your luck by destroying the dice that separate you two throughout 10 varied levels!

Please do not tab-out or minimize your window while playing - it will cause a black screen upon returning due to a bug in the game engine.


Made by

  • Jonas Tyroller (coding, level design, balancing) and
  • Yän (visuals, audio) 

for GMTK game jam 2022.

Pig silhouettes in the thumbnail made by putti.

The music was made by Yän before the jam. All other assets were made during the jam.

We originally published this game on itch.io with "smurf accounts" to see how well we could do in the jam without our names attached to the submission.


See our original submission on itch.io: Itch page

Jonas game making discord:Jonas' Discord server

Discord server of Yän's main game, Glitcheon: Glitcheon Discord server