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Published 2022-07-06

dash into your enemies and avoid spikes and pits

this game was originally going to be an entry for Pursuing Pixels’ James Jam Game Jam, but I ran out of time and this evolved from there


A/D or Left/Right -- move

W or Up or Space -- jump

Click -- dash

S or Down -- fall

Esc -- lose level

T -- quick restart

P -- toggle crt filter

0 -- mute

+/- -- change volume

Made with:

- HaxeFlixel

- Ableton Live

- Aseprite

- LDtk

Used a modified version of Beeblerox's crt shader

Two fonts:

Audio Samples:


Rhythm Lab (Dmitry Vasilyev)

v1.0.0 — June 6th, 2022

  • Initial release

v1.0.1 — June 8th, 2022

  • Introduced a quick-restart button (T)
  • hopefully addressed a bug where a boss shoots too many projectiles

Source code here:

NOTE: There’s an issue with medals and high scores not being sent 100% of the time. Message me if this happens to you.

Secret menu options:

Shift + R + T to reset save

Shift + H to launch "Hardcore Mode" (cannot lose or quick restart)