Pengu Survives Christmas

Published 2023-01-01


Pengu Survives Christmas is an arcade/highscore game based on Pengu Saves Christmas by STANNco

Survive for as long as possible while dodging various obstacles and collecting yummy Christmas treats.

  • You'll have three rounds to survive as long as possible
  • Each second survived is a point
  • Each Christmas treat eaten is a multiplier



A/LEFT and D/RIGHT let you move 'Left' and 'Right' respectively

Space allows you to jump! Hold Space to jump higher

S/DOWN allows you to slide. Sliding greatly increases your speed, but decreases your jump height (S/DOWN also allows you to fall faster when in the air)

Enter lets you play the game. This key can also be pressed to skip the intro logo, loading screens, and end-game score counters

Tilde allows you to wipe your best and worst scores on the main menu. This is useful if you've achieved a highscore that's too difficult for you to beat

Want to see how this game was made? Read the development blog here!

Patch Notes:


- Release


- Added support for Arrow Key controls

- Added Novice and Bona Fide Survivalist medals

- Added a telegraph for fireballs so they're much less unpredictable

- Added invisible walls to each side of the screen so players don't go slip-sliddin' off the stage anymore