Oingo Bongo

Published 2022-06-30

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Wanting to win a new set of bongo drums, Chiro enters herself and Kuma in a poetry contest. Can Chiro keep the ever-hungry Kuma "inspired"?


Produced and Directed by Charles Brubaker

Story:Charles Brubaker, Brian Emling

Animation: Will Wright, Charles Brubaker

Backgrounds: Chris Rudolph, Dilly

Original Music: Will Collins

Additional Music and Sound: Film Music, Sound Dogs, Audio Micro, Sound Rangers


Emi Koch - Princess Kat

Aimee Smith - Chiro

Ty Konzak - Kuma/Poet 1/Poet 3/Morcego

Michael Malconian - Mr. Blue/Judge 1

Ashley Woods - Poet 2

Brittany Ann Phillips - Jordan

Gabe Velez - Judge 2