PowerPutt Legend

Published 2022-07-19

PowerPutt Legend is a unique minigolf game with RPG elements, meant to look and feel like it's straight out of the NES. Slay monsters, level up, and unlock a series of items to improve your strategy.

Originally created in 72 hours, this version of the game features 3 entirely new, never before seen courses, on top of other new challenges and improvements!


  • 7 Main courses each consisting of several holes
  • A special 8th course for dedicated players
  • A variety of obstacles to overcome
  • A handful of unique spells and clubs to unlock
  • An original soundtrack
  • High quality pixel art graphics, based on NES limitations


  • Z (A): Hold and Release to fire, Use Spell While Moving, Confirm in Menus
  • X (B): Switch between Aim and Curve modes, Back in Menus
  • Arrows / WASD (D-Pad): Aim, Navigate Menus
  • ESC (Start): Open pause menu
  • Enter (L/R shoulder buttons): Toggle Free Cam, Confirm in Menus 
  • Shift (Select): Switch Spell and Club

An XInput gamepad can be connected to use the controls specified in brackets.

You can restart the current hole from the pause menu at no score penalty.


Game design by everyone involved.

The OST can be found here.