House Cat Sez...Don't Take the Sauce Path!

Published 2021-07-10

EDIT (8-2-2021): OMIGOSH it made #10! Thanks for everyone who supported this silly cartoon about sauce :D

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House Cat Sez...DON'T TAKE THE SAUCE PATH....unless you're a sociopath.

My entry for Summer Jam Round 2: Saturday Morning Newgrounds. This is based on the old PSAs that used to air during Saturday Mornings. This one was specifically inspired by "Don't Drown Your Food" animated PSA that aired on ABC for years, the one featuring Louis the Lifeguard. That PSA felt silly enough I wanted to expand it for this tongue-in-cheek spoof.


Charles Brubaker


Aleksey Gorobets

Guy Bacos

Skip Peck

Kevin MacLeod

Special Thanks:



Michael Gonzalez - House Cat/Meatball

Corey LeVier - Billy Boy/French Fry