Krack-it Kaos Part 3 (sort of)

Published 2017-04-10

Part 1:
Part 2:

I had a lot of difficulties with deciding on whether or not I should continue this franchise of Krack-it Kaos, the Skylander parody of Wreck-it Ralph. I had several options, I could just continue it as it is, cancel the project entirely and delete all the parts, just leave it as it is or make a final part of the story with the character being a ware of its cancellation. NONE of them were good options but I had to decide on one.

Here are the reasons, if I continue the franchise, I'll be panned by critics on Newgrounds for it being a direct copy of Wreck-it Ralph. Because of the criticism, I thought on changing the latter parts but with little satisfaction. But it would also not be wise to delete all the parts and pretend they never existed because I asked a lot of people to voice in it and allow me to use their made up characters which will cause a lot of dissapointment and a possible loss of friendship. I could also leave all my videos as they are an not continue the project without any announcement of cancellation but then people will be begging me to make part 3. The best option I got is to make a part 3 but take a different route to a point where it looks like it's being cancelled. And thus I made this.

And keep in mind, this took me several technical difficulties to try and make this. I first began production in February 2013, I kept working on it until late June 2013 when I had a hard drive malfunction. Because of that, I had to go on hiatus for 7 months before I can get back to production. When I posted the first part of the movie on Newgrounds, I was panned, but I had to continue with part 2 because I had everything recorded and there was no turning back.

After years of reading the reviews, I became more and more disinterested in making this movie but at the same time, I didn't want to leave it as a cliffhanger. While I am proud with some of my other works that aren't even the best, this is one I am proud of the least. But it's here for a reason. You can critize all you want but it's here for a reason because I do not want to forget those who helped me with this.