Skylanders Christmas

Published 2011-12-24

Skylanders has been my most favourite game as of late 2011. I don't mind Spyro's looks. I just think the game is awesome.

A few things you should know.

During production of this flash, I had a lot of cuts and shortened stuff. For instance, I recorded voices for Flameslinger admiring Stealth Elf but I didn't have enough time ti add that in. I was also going to include Master Eon as Santa but I had no use for him.

Also, some of the characters were completely redesigned. For example, some have complained about Spyro's design. I decide to make Spyro look more adorable by combining his Classic looks with Spike the Dragon from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Zook's lower jaw redesign was an accidental addon, ever since I looked at his toy but then I looked at his artwork and made a mistake but then I decided to add it in.

There are also a lot of easter eggs, can you find them all?

Comment your review about this video, No Skylander hate comments. If you want that, go to an official Skylander website.