Turmoil Under The Tree

Published 2006-12-20

-UPDATE- Woah, Daily 3rd? That's just really, really great! =D Also, I'll start responding to reviews soon enough, but thankyou for them in advance.

Hey Newgrounds, and seasons greetings!

After months and months of having not submitted anything, I though I might aswell to something to show I'm not dead yet, and here it is! A nudge to the Christmas 2006 section would be appreciated :)

As soon as I found out about this competition I had to cram in as much as I could, and so I had about 2 weeks to complete this once I heard of it, and I hope it came out well.

I hope you all enjoy it and have a very merry Christmas!

- Galenlome

P.S. I know there are some (major) bugs that should be fixed, such as the missing frames, and the way the music overlaps at the end if you replay it too soon, but unfortunately my computer was running so slow I couldn't fix them, my apologies.

Also a note about the music. I didn't really intend to put music in, and was going to rely souly on sound effects, but I ran out of time and chose the best piece I found (again, sorry that it doesn't fit perfectly).

Aside from these glitches, I still hope you can enjoy it!