Published 2005-08-30

*UPDATE 2* Look everyone, I am realizing everyone is voting rather low for some of the same reasons. QUALITY CHANGE!! It is in the game. please go to OPTIONS and then click on the quality "HIGH" to set it to medium or low!! Please people please! I would like it if people stopped reviewing and voting low for the same thing that I've been saying in ever review reply :-/. Please vote fairly and read THESE AUTHORS COMMENTS (capatalized so you can see better XD)

Front Page!! Awesome!! Thanks a lot you guys! Thanks for all the positive reviews too I reall appreciate it :D

*UPDATE* A mute button has been added succesfully. You will see it on the bottom left hand corner of the screen while in-gameplay. I hope some of you find this better

After 2 months of hard work we finally present you HoverBot. Play the game to see what it's about! Now its time to go over a few things.
-If you are expieriencing laggage then please put the quality to low or medium from the options menu :)
-The ragdoll mini game is just a preloader, click the play button to play the actual game (some people have mistaken it which is why I'm writing this)
-All 10 Levels of this game are beatable. Not one is impossible, all though at times you may feel it is. If you find the game too hard cheat codes can be found here: http://www.freewebs.com/
-There should be no bugs at all, so if you lose do not blame us and say we left a bug in the game. However, if you happen to find a bug please tell us!! We'll do our best to fix it!

We hope you enjoy this game, it took a lot of work. Leave reviews too, We love to read them!